The True Story of a BMF Drug Trafficker

The Life of A BMF Drug Trafficker

Using the cover of an Atlanta limousine driver, Jabari Hayes trafficked large quantities of cocaine across the country for Black Mafia Family better known as BMF, the largest African American drug organization in the southeastern United States.


Inspiration behind the project:

The inspiration behind the making of Miles in the Life was to humanize individuals society may label as a criminal. More often than not, a documentary tells about an individual or organization whom engaged in criminal activity, specifically drug dealing. The people involved are usually depicted as the worst type of people walking the face of the earth, which is the furthest from the truth. Despite Jabari’s upbringing making him predisposed to a certain type of future, Jabari defied the odds by getting his college degree and becoming a successful businessman. As a member of Black Mafia Family, Jabari maintained his core beliefs of honesty, integrity and managed to never become violent despite being in a world that breeds violence at every turn. More importantly, after paying his debt to society, today, Jabari Hayes is again a successful businessman and now a law abiding citizen.

With his documentary, we wanted to show that no matter how dark or how bad the past may have been, people can and do change for the better.


We wanted to inspire the children growing up in the worst environment imaginable, that what they are enduring doesn’t have to be their end all be all. We hope this documentary inspires men and women who may have received a felony that they too can pursue and live a better life.

Most of all, we wanted to show so-called “law abiding citizens” that not every criminal has malicious intentions or malice in their heart(s). These people are not the worst type of person walking the earth. You see these people everyday at work, in the mall, supermarket or at the mechanic shop and they treat you with respect and dignity and they deserve the same.


MILES IN THE LIFE – When I began film making, I never set out to make a documentary such as Miles in the Life. My only aspiration was to make dope content and tell compelling stories. Anything pertaining to crime or drugs was the furthest from my mind, but the opportunity presented itself via Jabari Hayes. When I met Jabari I still had the notion that any individual involved with the drug game were terrible people unworthy of second chances. Jabari is jovial, a charismatic people person and ran his business with the culture of customers first. He’s a father, a husband, a mentor, a loving son, just an all around great person to know. Which shocked me to learn of his involvement with an notorious drug cartel.


Shaun Mathis
Director, Writer, & Executive Producer

“The Human side of those  who made wrong choices and then came back to thrive”  A true American Story

Christian DeCarbo

Movie Critic

Riveting, A complete story of Redemption.  Such a Great Documentary

Wally Richburg


Using the cover of an Atlanta limousine driver, Jabari Hayes trafficked large quantities of cocaine across the country for the then largest African American drug organization in the southeast known as Black Mafia Family, often referred to as BMF.

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Jabari Hayes

Executive Producer
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Shaun Mathis

Art Director
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